People always dreamt not to die. The modern medicine ascertains that the death of the person comes after death of its brain. But if the brain does not die? Then the person theoretically can live so long, how many itself will want! Whether it is possible?

Let's present our brain as very big, very complex, but all the same – the computer. Where instead of transistors - the excitatory cages work, or is simple "neurones". Only we will present not habitual to us, the desktop and low-power personal computer (as speak cybernetics, so-called, an architecture by "von Neyman"). And specialised, and very powerful, "super-neurocompjuter" (so-called by “perseptron” architecture, and at all on so-called "formal neurones", and is even more complex - on "bionic’s neurones". That, on the models as much as possible approached, on essential functions, to natural biological neurones of a brain).

And if to create full and exact «a digital copy» all neurones of a brain, and all communications between them? If to create computer model of all frames and brain functions? Then it will be possible to conserve this information, and then to replicate it. But is more narrow - on other "substrate", on other material data carrier. More reliable, than mortal biological, proteinaceously-nukleinovyjnositel. For example, on silicon or on grafen. And more productive, than biological, is ionic-electrochemical. For example, electronic, photon, or even the quantum neurocomputer!

High technologies of 21 centuries – already allow to make it! It is necessary only «the nobility as». That – at first it is necessary to create a new science, a science about achievement of "digital immortality». And such science has been created! In Russia, in the end of 20 centuries. The author named it is «settleretics». And then - on the basis of achievements of this new science, it is possible to create and new settleretical technology and technician.

So this such — «settleretics»?

SETTLERETICS (a tracing-paper from English «settler» — "immigrant", "resettlement" - "immigrathion") is a new interdisciplinary с science, about neurocybernetic’s duplication and reservation of a brain of the person, for the purpose of maintenance is unlimited long functioning of its highest excitatory activity. A science about so-called «movement*» psychics of the person, "from" its mortal biological brain - "into" immortal artificial «neurocomputer’s  brain».

*The note of the author. "Movement" here is perceived conditionally, metaphorically, "so-called". (And any attitude has no to supernatural, religious and mystical, "soul reincarnations"! Except, perhaps, eternal and universal, dreams of immortality of the person and consciousness.)

Actually at "resettlement" there is "telecommunication" (i.e., continuous network information interchange) between the core (brain) and reserve (neurocomputer) cybernetic devices, and material carriers corresponding to them. Means, material, "communication channels" between them.

How there is "movement"? Whether we will receive one more clone-double? No, we will not receive! If all becomes correctly, slowly and gradually, neuron for neuron, step-by-step, all long human life. Than more than neurones in a brain will die in due course of an old age, traumas and illnesses, especially their functions begins "for them" to carry out "neuro-proteses", reserve neurocomputer. When of 100% of brain neurones will cease to function all, all of 100% of their mental functions will be provided by work by reserve neurocomputer.

The backup device - becomes the basic device, and the psychics - as though "will move" into neurocomputer.

And then - forward, to asters! To master and invade the empty, lifeless worlds. Without fearing "in a new body" is more narrow neither space radiation, nor a cold, neither vacuum, nor overloads! Having forgotten about biological, psychologic and social and economic disparity. And if we now are frightened new, we will be and to cling further to very long time ago become outdated body and a brain of a primacy (monkey) we risk to be lost! To be lost together with the mother-earth, at once all mankind. From casual planetary accident - space or technogenic.

For "movement" — this site also is devoted bases, problems, successes and prospects of this new science, technology, and devices!

(С) Drawing - artist K.Moshkin, from book of G. V. Maximovich "Conversations with academician Glushkov" (М: Young Guards, 1978.)